1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender, Wolfsburg Edition

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  1. unibagel

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    I picked up this Westy from Pittsburg in 2007. It’s a weekender so it has the poptop roof and storage cabinet but no kitchen unit. Let me just say that this is the slowest vehicle I have ever driven but also the most fun at the same time (It’s a totally different mindset). It commands a lot of attention everywhere we go as people will just come over and start asking questions about it or tell stories about VW’s that they had in the past (I’ve met so many great people because of VW’s, what a great community). We drive her a lot in the summer, to the Drive In, VW/Euro Car Shows, Oktoberfest, Artpark Concerts, etc. It’s a slow process but every year we do a little more to restore/upgrade her. She is definitely the coolest vehicle I’ve ever owned!

    When I first picked her up:

    VW Westy Weekender
    Made in West Germany, April 1985

    1.9 Litre Wasserboxer

    S&S Exhaust

    4 Speed Manual
    Redline MT-90 Synthetic Fluid

    PBR Metal Master Pads
    Synthetic DOT-4 Fluid

    Koni Red Adjustable Shocks
    GoWesty Zero Lift Springs

    Wheels & Tires
    15" Mercedes Rims
    205/70-15 Yokohama Geolandar Tires
    T3 Technique Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

    Nevada Beige (LA1N)

    Go Westy Front & Rear Carpet Kits
    Mk 1 Scirocco Steering Wheel & Golfball Shifter
    Alpine CDE-121 Head Unit
    Alpine Subwoofer amp
    Alpine 10" Subwoofer
    5-1/4" Blaupunkt Speakers, F & R
    Auxillary Battery (Interior Lights, Radio & Lighters)
    VW Solar Panel
    A/C & Rear Heater removed
    Sound Dampening Installed
    LED Festoon Bulbs installed in overhead and maplight
    Replaced fluorescent light with LED strips
    Installed sound deadening under plywood flooring
    LED Instrument Cluster Bulbs, Blue

    Window Tint (5% Rear/20% Fronts)
    Bus Depot EZY Awning
    Bosch (E-Code) H4 Headlights on dedicated relays
    Hella H4, 5-14" Highbeams 80W bulbs
    Curt Trailer Hitch
    Hard Start Relay Kit

    GoWesty upgraded Alt/Fuel Injection power Harness
    GoWesty LED lighting for all exterior bulbs

    Upgrades in the future
    2.5L Subaru Motor Swap




    Newest addition (and a big THANK YOU to Haenszel!!!), bass in your face! 700 watts of Alpine power driving a 8" Alpine Subwoofer. Rocks pretty hard...


    Thanks Sak!

    I built a small camping trailer a few years ago, kitchen supplies, coleman stove, etc. on one side and storage for coolers, chairs, etc. on the other. It worked out really well. Here's my build thread on thesamba....


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    You were right, now my wife wants one.
  3. unibagel

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    LOL! I told you! Good to hear from you. Let me know if I can help you in your search!


  4. leftcoaster

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    Sweet Westie! looks clean for a eastcoast van-o-gone
  5. unibagel

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    Thanks! Yes sir, she spent the first 20 years of her life in DC, then 1 year in Pittsburg, then I bought her. She's a honey!
  6. leftcoaster

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    The nice thing about the wasserboxer is you have heat and it will
    last longer. Also easier to convert to a subie flat four if you so decide
    down the road.

    Always run stiff wall truck tires. Anything else except maybe low profiles will roll in corners and feel sloppy.

    I assume you have heard of the bus depot
    BusDepot.com - VW Bus / Camper / Vanagon / EuroVan Specialists

    also some good forums at the Samba TheSamba.com :: Volkswagen Classifieds, photos, shows, forums, and information

    and also Welcome to type2.com! which is aircooled but a good source
    to follow events.

    then there is camping WetWesties - A Pacific Northwest Camping Society

    the wet implies rain not watercooled as it was started in the Pacific North West. There are members there from all over now and there
    is alot of knowledge available on the list that they support. Good
    people from 17 to over 70 who own campers.

    I am not assuming you dont know anything about these sites but I thought I would throw them out there just in case. If you join the
    wet westies forum tell them that Dan Simmons sent you.
  7. jaywonch

    jaywonch Everything Wrong w/DitB


    TANGO DOWN OhnO a V8

    Nice ride. gotta say in great conditon. hope to see you drven around next time i'm home in WNY
  9. unibagel

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    Added some Beatz to the Westy! (See page 1) :cool:
  10. RoachinRay

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    Awesome van! My friend had a westy in Cali, he was 21 and that thing was awesome to ride around in, go to the beach, etc....
  11. unibagel

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  12. KurtCav

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    Love this thing!
  13. Bakes

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    Oddball and something you don't see everyday, but very cool.

    It's a shame and surprising that they don't still make vehicles like this anymore.
    I think they would still work well, technology has come a long way since '85, but keeping the theme of basic and minimal, it would be easy.
  14. Haenszel

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    Wow, that just fits..... barely.
  15. lorge1989

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    They do! But are overpriced and we will never see them...

  16. Bakes

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    Uhh, I never knew that, that's too bad too, overpriced and not being for the US market.
  17. Haenszel

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    A friends dad has a 2003 Eurovan weekender (poptop) with a 24v VR6 in it. Even being nearly 10 years old, it still bluebooks at like $23k.

    And yes, I did street race it at h2o.
  18. lorge1989

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    And lost.
  19. Haenszel

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    Eurovan 24v > MKIV 12v Jetta.
  20. BlackGTI

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