2004 B5.5 Passat GLS 1.8T 5 Speed

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    For sale is my 04 Passat GLS 1.8T 5 speed manual transmission. I am the 2nd owner since June of 2008, purchased from Northtown VW Certified Pre-Owned, and about 33k on the clock. A few weeks later I had Autohaus flash a 93oct "Stage 1" tune. I now have 315,100 or so miles on the odometer. Yes, I have driven this car to the moon, and now I'm on my way back. I have at least 95% of all maintenance records during my past decade of ownership. Timing belt/tensioner/metal impeller water pump/serp belt/etc I replaced in September 2017, for the third time. Maintenance has been performed either by myself, Blackforest, Basil, or VWOP. Yes, there are some nits to pick, such as:

    Driver's side door does not latch consistently in the past few months. Sometimes it's not a problem, and acts as it should, other times, you're slamming it closed repeatedly, but it does eventually latch.

    Trunk does not consistently latch. It will take a few attempts before you achieve success.

    Driver's side tie rod end needs to be replaced if you want to continue driving it.

    A.C. doesn't work. I've had it recharged and diagnosed, no leak was visible, so there's a hidden leak, the system leaks down in a few weeks.

    SAI pump has a bearing that makes a sound like a jet taking off, but that goes away once you get warmed up a touch.

    Shocks/struts are original. Clutch is original, but doesn't slip at all.

    Driver's side headlight was pushed in when I tapped a shopping cart in the fall.

    Driver's seat outer bolster has been worn into the foam.

    Some pros:
    APR 93 octane tune since forever, claimed to be 214hp/247ftlb. Still pulls strong and solid. 1.8thehandofgod

    034 motor mounts
    Those are the modifications.

    2nd set of the same OE BBS made 15's, plastic dipped black for winter, with Nokian Hakkas that should be replaced.

    Not much rust. The trunk was replaced under the VW rust warranty a couple years ago, and is rust free where the license plate light buckets are, a common failure point. The worst is on the driver's side rear wheel well. The only accident it has been in pushed the wheel well in an inch or so, bumper had a small crack, and was replaced with OE parts. Hoffman did the repairs.

    Replaced all coils about a year ago.

    Alternator replaced about a year ago.

    Windows work, sunroof works. Tape deck, CD player, all original and work.

    You could buy the car, put some money into it, and drive it daily, or winter, like I did for a 60 mile round trip. Or, part it out. Has a working AWM/KO3S with a tune on the ecu, and it's a stick. Doors are good, trunk is nearly new, just to give examples.

    Car is still on the road. Inspected through August.

    It has served me very well over the past decade. Greatest car of all time.

    $500. Let's git r done.
    PM for pics, my files are too big. Will figure that out, probably.
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    Hell of a post for a $500 car. Hell if I had a spot to park, it buy it solely on the description. Good luck and I’m sure it’ll sell.
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    Thanks, it's been a hell of a car, and deserves the words
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    Seems like a solid deal, should go quick!
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    Bump for an exemplary classifieds post, GLWS.
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