2013 Golf 2 Door, 5 spd M/T (2.5L Turbo)

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    2013 Golf 2 Door, 5spd M/T (2.5L Turbo)
    54,XXX miles
    $12,000 Or Best Offer


    Pics at the bottom.

    I bought this car 2 summers ago from a guy in Rochester that maintained and cared for it obsessively. I have treated it the same. He put most of the miles on it driving it up and down the East Coast to car shows in the summers.

    When I bought it, the air ride system, intake manifold and battery relocation had already been completed. I have done all subsequent modifications myself. I have pictures of most of the build process. This car has more than $10k of modifications on it. It is a blast to drive a boosted 2.5!

    This is my 2nd 2.5T build. My previous one was a 2007 Jetta with the typical Front Mount Intercooler (I sold that car because I bought this one!). Because this car is on airbags, and clearance was an issue I couldn’t go with a traditional FMIC setup this time. Hence, the AWIC setup. I’m really thrilled with how it has come together and truly believe this is a one-of-a-kind build—especially in this part of the country. I am a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry, so I have planned and executed this build meticulously.

    It is tuned for 10psi of boost, but I haven’t ever increased it beyond 6psi.

    It has never been driven in winter. Both myself and the previous owner stored the car during the winter. There is zero rust on the car. It has never been in an accident. It lives in a garage.

    Paint is nearly mint save a few tiny rock chips that need to be filled. The previous owner had the car washed and detailed at Arete Auto Salon in Rochester, and had CQuartz Finest coating put on the paint. I hand wash every weekend no matter how clean.

    The interior is spotless. I drive this car to work and back on nice days and rarely have passengers.

    I love this car dearly, but I have 2 kids and a dog and just don’t have time to enjoy it. I’m hoping to sell it to someone who will appreciate it and doesn’t mind tinkering. This car has treated me very well, but requires someone who will give it routine love and care. It has a few things that need attention, but nothing big. If you aren’t willing to work on this car, then it is not for you!

    It comes with many stock parts and extras. See below.

    The Good:
    • Custom turbocharger setup installed at 50K miles
      • Precision PTE 5431 T3/T4 turbo
      • United Motorsport Turbo + SRI Tune (93 octane, 550cc injectors). Tuned for 10psi of boost. Redline set to ~7400RPM! (Tuned in-person @ UM in Connecticut, tweaked for optimal fueling)
      • C2 motorsports turbo manifold
      • Precision 39MM wastegate with 6psi spring installed. Comes with all springs.
      • Forge bleed valve for use as MBC.
      • Custom intake setup.
      • C2 motorsports 2.5inch downpipe, wastegate recirculated to exhaust.
      • Custom air-water intercooler and piping (all aluminum). Should be good for 350hp. Bosch Cobra water pump used for AWIC.
      • Tial Q Blow off Valve
      • USP Motorsports 2.5 inch SS high flow cat.
      • BFI transmission mount insert (not installed)
      • Integrated Engineering Short Runner Intake Manifold.
      • Integrated Engineering Billet Aluminum Valve Cover.
      • Snow Performance Water/Methanol Injection setup. Controlled by Pressure Switch.
      • Integrated Engineering billet fuel rail
      • Boomba billet check valve installed between intake manifold and EVAP to ensure EVAP system doesn’t see boost.
      • Custom aux relay/fuse panel for AWIC pump, fan, water/meth pump and fog lights. Makes every modification reversible. Wiring is very clean. All connections crimped and soldered.
    • Exhaust:
      • Stock right now. Comes with custom 2.5” exhaust built by Roc Euro. I took it off because it was too loud for where I live. Sounds incredible! It is painted matte black with high-temp enamel paint. Tips are also matte black to blend in with lower valance.
    • Suspension:
      • Airlift SuperSlam air springs in all four corners.
      • Accuair E-level air management with rocker switch. 2X Viair compressors and 5 gallon tank painted white to match exterior of the car.
      • Aluminum control arms from Passat. Lighter and allows you to go lower with less camber.
      • Frame notched and welded for axle clearance.
    • Brakes:
      • Golf R front brakes. Stock rears. These things work well!
    • Interior:
      • All black/anthracite interior w/ gray heated seats in nearly perfect condition.
      • Power moonroof.
      • NewSouth Boost gage w/ white lighting to match cluster.
      • European head light switch with DRLs turned off.
      • Stock 6 CD changer w/ MP3 and SD card slot.
      • BFI GS1 heavy weight shift knob.
      • Custom switches installed for AWIC and WMI systems (can turn on and off).
    • Exterior:
      • Rear emblems removed.
      • Honeycomb lower grille and fog grilles.
      • ECSTuning Foglight retrofit kit.
      • Fenders rolled and pulled.
      • Euro Golf R LED taillights with rear fog enabled.
    • Wheels:
      • 18”x8.5” et 45 Rotiform NUE with DDT coating.
      • Comes with 18” stock GTI wheels as well with brand new tires. Will need spacers to run these without looking silly due to pulled & rolled fenders.

    The Bad:
    • Previous owner relocated battery to trunk. Ground wire is not large enough gage so car does not like to start when hot sometimes. Will start on 2nd try.
    • Passenger side strut knocks over bumps at low speed. Likely needs a strut bearing re-build. Common with AirLift air struts. Have replacement strut bearings.
    • Driver side door latch makes noise over bumps sometimes. Needs adjustment.
    • Previous owner removed fender liners all around, so he could go low. Didn’t come with the car. Not how I would have done it. Makes the engine bay messy if driving in the rain at all.
    • Check engine light comes on once in a while. P02279 air leak. Need to track down air leak. Clears easily. Has only come on twice.
    • The UM tune is pretty aggressive with fuel cut when taking foot off the gas, so the engine rocks and can be felt when easing the gas on and off. My previous 2.5T did this and it was resolved with stiffer motor mounts.
    • One of the fog light grilles is painted gloss black and the other is not. Hard to tell unless looking up close, but it bothers me.
    • Cruise control doesn’t work all that well—boosts when it isn’t supposed to when going up hills. UM said there is nothing they can do to fix it. I don’t use cruise control.
    • Very minor paint scraped off of bottom of fenders. I bought it that way.

    What is left to be done:

    The car drives quite well right now, but if I were to keep it longer, here is what I would do to it:
    • Stage 2 clutch. Currently on the stock clutch. It doesn’t slip, so no need to replace the clutch for now.
    • Motor mounts. See above. Comes with a BFI transmission mount insert.
    • Dogbone mount insert. See above.
    • Larger & louder exhaust.
    • 6 speed transmission swap. The 5 speed works just fine, but the gears are very long on the mk6s. 3rd gear takes you to over 100MPH.

    What else comes with it?
    These parts come as part of the deal. Since I am getting out of the VW game, I will have no use for any of them. They could definitely be sold for good money, but just don’t have the time for it. This is literally a truck-load of parts. I can deliver to local buyers.
    • C2 Motorsports Stage 2 intercooler/intake piping. All SS never been used.
    • C2 motorsports Front Mount Intercooler. Never been used.
    • Stock taillights. Aftermarket taillights. Not sure what brand. Never used.
    • Aftermarket headlights. Not sure what brand. Never used.
    • 2.5 inch custom exhaust built by Roc Euro. Not SS. VERY loud.
    • Many misc. Install and OEM parts.
    • 18” GTI wheels with brand new tires. Slight curb rash on a few of them.

    Contact Info:
    Matt Bradley
    716-352-4697 (call or text)

    PICS! I have many more but the forum only allows me to post 10.
    IMG_1240.JPG IMG_1411.JPG IMG_2177.JPG IMG_0910.JPG IMG_2274.JPG IMG_9830.JPG IMG_2246.JPG IMG_0504.JPG IMG_1962.JPG IMG_1240.JPG IMG_1411.JPG IMG_2177.JPG IMG_0910.JPG IMG_2274.JPG IMG_9830.JPG IMG_2246.JPG IMG_0504.JPG IMG_1962.JPG IMG_2277.JPG
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    Awesome car, good luck with the sale. I remember seeing your jetta up for sale and it was pretty nice too. If I hadn't bought my mk6 in december I would be strongly considering this thing. Very cool build
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    Dang this thing is dope. GLWS. Always wanted to daily a boosted 2.5
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    Thanks guys!

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    Still for sale. Price is negotiable.

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    Price reduced. Asking $9900 OBO!

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    Looks like she is sold!

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