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Discussion in 'Car Journals/Projects' started by synthetikv, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. synthetikv

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    Welp smashed my mkvi GLI last summer, spent over a month getting it repaired only to have it driving terribly. So ditched it and got into an 2010 A4 which I ended up hating for a few reasons, so ditched that before I blew too much money on it since the modding bug was creeping up on me.

    Ended up with a 2013 Cert Preowned GTI from Basil VW. Ryan got me set with a deal I'm pretty happy with (go buy a car from him, he's great to deal with). After less than a week driving it I'm absolutely in love with the car.


    Was a bit nervous going with DSG especially after the slushbox the S-Tronic in the A4 ended up being. But DSG is in a whole different league, so much fun to drive.

    Less than a week later though and springs are on the way along with a few other cosmetic mods. I wanted to go performance first but I think it might be tuned already, it seems to pull similar to my Stage 2 GLI. I'll have to slap on a boost gauge to see what it's at. Likely gonna be a slow build, but I have some plans for this girls future.
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  2. BlackGTI

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    Nice p/u. You can tell with vag-com and maybe obd eleven to see if it's tuned via requested boost/actual. Shame on whoever CPO'd a modified car...
  3. synthetikv

    synthetikv Well-Known Member

    Entirely plausible that I just got used to the A4 going nowhere at WOT. Car could be stock, either way my butt dyno is happy.

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  4. synthetikv

    synthetikv Well-Known Member

    First mod done, get that sick ashy look all over the car.


    No one was hurt, and my car just needs a claybar treatment.
  5. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    WTF, I take it that was one of those garbage bin fires?
  6. BlackGTI

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  7. synthetikv

    synthetikv Well-Known Member

    yeah i live over on Hudson, the garage that caught on fire is diagonal to my back yard. Pets woke me up freaking out. Look out my back window and see flames everywhere. I thought my house was on fire too. Scary morning, just glad everyone is ok.
  8. RoachinRay

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    Vince, She looks awesome, glad she wasn't a part of that fire! Glad you are having fun with it so far. Welcome back to the VW family!
  9. corolon

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    You must have really been scared! Thank God you and your house & car are all okay! Make sure to post more pics of your car when you have the time. Stay safe, and keep up the good work!
  10. Dubsee

    Dubsee New Member

    good to know the car wasn't damaged by the fire

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