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    So I picked up this little gem from Paul a couple months ago http://www.dubsinthebuff.com/threads/1988-cabriolet-stock-2500-obo.29370/. My major house projects were pretty much done so I needed something to fill my free time. The wife agreed and she liked the idea of a convertible so let the fun begin.

    The car is somewhat of a anomaly IMO. It is unmolested, short of the stupid fart can muffler, which came off first just out of principle. 46k on the clock so it's barely broken in, right? The body needs some work but it will wait.

    I did all the basic maintenance stuff first, plugs, coil, brakes, water pump, timing belt etc. The motor an trans mounts were also shot and replaced as well. We put some miles on it and I decided to start some upgrading.

    I first picked up an Autotech 260 cam because it was the mildest cam which the valve springs wouldn't need to be replaced. The cam didn't really add too much pep so I opted for an Autotech cam gear which did add some top end. It's OK power wise now, meaning it's not a speed bump for other cars, but it'll eventually need more juice with an engine swap.

    The exhaust manifold had a pretty nasty leak so in went an ABA one with a TT dual DP. Amazingly all 8 nuts came out using an ATF acetone concoction. Wonders never cease.

    Next up was the suspension/drive train. One CV needed to be replaced, which caused a huge mess under the Cabby whenever the boot let go. The front struts and rear shocks were toast and their replacement has actually been a giant pain. I attempted to replace the front inserts which I gave up on. I ended up buying some quick struts but the car still has some reverse rake. Some eBay coilovers are on their way to fix the heavy rear end. I normally have an aversion to any cheap Chinese eBay stuff but I cannot justify spending 1/2 of what I paid for the car on coilovers.

    The 13" stock wheels had to go as well. We took a ride to to Rochester for a set of BBS RZs off a Corrado. They're a little curbed up but a decent upgrade.

    More to follow, including pics .
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  2. rabbit20v

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    Needs Pictures.

    Sounds like you're getting things done though.
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    Sweet. Should have took the Raceland's with the car! Haha
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    cool...I almost pulled the trigger on buying that car.
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    Me as well. :)
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    You guys are more than welcome to come over bust your knuckles on it with me.
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    What needs to be done?
  8. BlackGTI

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    I'm actually pretty much done for the summer. New rubber went on the RZs this week and the Street Edge coilovers went on today. I'll need to raise them up in the next day or so once they settle [​IMG]

    If anyone wants the stock 13" wheels with good tread on them, they're yours FF.
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    Looking good man!
  10. BlackGTI

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    Took the Cabby for a spin today and I'm pleasantly surprised on how well the eBay coilovers ride. They're spun about 1/2 way down and aren't bouncy or jarring at all. The dual DP definitely perked the old 8v up some and it may actually be tickling three digit hp territory.

    I'm currently in search of some sort of larger tb off an Audi 5000 or a used Neuspeed one.
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