APR Stage 2 Monitor Readiness Questions

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by Deathproof, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Deathproof

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    So I have a CBFA 2010 GTI with APR Stage 2. I have an ebay catless downpipe. Last year the car passed no issues. The CAT monitor is turned off but it will pass with one monitor not ready. I will be selling the car and I want it to be inspected as I don't hide anything when I sell a car.

    The only reason they are reset is the clip that holds the clutch line to the master cylinder broke and the battery needs to be removed to get to it. So now here I am. CAT and 02S are both not ready. First time I drive over 100 miles and won't ready so I put it on the non-test pipe file. I have a spacer from Roc-Euro but it doesn't keep the CEL off. So the CEL comes on for inefficient cat, I switch back to the test pipe file for about 20 miles but I'm not sure if that will take the code away with the rear 02 turned off so I clear it with the scanner. Now I'm back in the same boat after 150 miles of driving. 02S and CAT monitors are not ready.

    Will the 02S monitor eventually ready even with the CAT monitor turned off? I would think it would but it's been 150 miles and no luck. Any insight or help would be appreciated. I don't have access to advanced scan tools but I have heard you can force the monitor to run with those.
  2. Deathproof

    Deathproof Well-Known Member

    Drove it 10 miles on the highway on the non test pipe file, the O2S readied and the CEL wasn't on yet so I was able to get it inspected right away. Glad that worked. I have some spark plug non-foulers the next owner can try on the 2nd O2 sensor to hopefully keep the CEL off longer on that non test pipe file.
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    I am not very familiar with this specific ECU software but am pretty familiar with diagnostics. APR may have turned off the rear O2 monitor as the spacer affects the performance. CARB slowly added requirements for rear sensor response monitoring which is why the spacers will throw codes on newer cars... (possibly). Being that it isn't passing the sensor monitor, this is probably the case. Good news is (as you found) readiness will pass on the current key cycle but catalyst monitor must fail in 2 consecutive key cycles.

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