Best intake for mk7 GTI

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by The Noob™, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. The Noob™

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    Looking at getting an intake for my 2017 GTI and was looking for opinions on the best intakes for it. Not planning on doing any APR tunes or anything of the sort if that makes a difference. Also, I've read a little bit that people have had CELs come on after they've changed their intake systems? Any help with this would be appreciated.

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  2. unibagel

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  3. BlackGTI

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    Don’t waste your money on an intake. Buy a piggyback like Uni said.
  4. The Noob™

    The Noob™ Active Member

    I was actually looking to stay away from anything like that bc I bought the extended warranty. I've read a lot of back and forth on whether VW can or cannot detect piggy back systems. That upgrade may be down the road for me but for right now I just like the thought of a little better throttle response and hearing the turbo a bit more.

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