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    Hey everyone,

    As I've shared on here before, I am a serious semi-pro kart racer. I actually made it onto the top 400 list in the country. For next season I am planning on traveling to many different tracks and racing all along the east coast. Specifically I am going to be running in the Gear Up F series. ( However, to do this I am going to need a little help a long the way. I am asking anyone that might own, or have relations with a business that would be interested in sponsoring me for the upcoming season. There are plenty of options available for advertising, growing a social network of followers, and creating a lasting relationship with a business, that I would be more than happy to discuss. So if there is any interest, please feel free to email me at Thank you everyone.:)

    2015 Schedule

    Round 1:
    GoPro Motorplex Mooresville, NC

    Round 2: Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ

    Round 3: Oakland Valley Race Park Cuddebackville, NY

    Round 4: Pittsburgh Int. Race Complex Wampum, PA

    Round 5: F1 Boston East Bridgewater, MA

    Round 6: New Jersey Motorsports Park Millville, NJ

    Race Videos:

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