Detroits & 15" steelies

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Rieske, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Rieske

    Rieske "Frisky"

    Set of detroits with tires - $400 obo
    Tread depths are 10/32, 7/32, 5/32, 4/32

    Set of 15" 5x112 steelies - $200 obo
    Conti pure contacts - 8/32
    Michelin defenders -7/32

    If you want both let me know we can work out a price.

    Located in Hamburg, text or message me.
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  2. Rieske

    Rieske "Frisky"

    prices obo, i want them gone
  3. Rieske

    Rieske "Frisky"

    800 for both sets
  4. Rieske

    Rieske "Frisky"

    ANY offers or trades for mk6 gti parts are welcome
  5. Rieske

    Rieske "Frisky"

    updated prices!
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