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Discussion in 'Site Information/Suggestions' started by t-rent, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    It's hard for me to do this but I'm stepping away as the person behind DitB.

    It's crazy that DitB has been around for 14 years now, where did all of those years go? I can still remember registering the domain name and setting up our first forum. I never thought that DitB would still be around after all those years and that I would still be running things.

    DitB has been a large part of my life and has changed it for the better. I've met some of my best friends through it which is an incredible thing. DitB has touched lots of lives and it's really great to have been a part of that.

    Over the last few years my involvement at GTG's, etc has been declining. Life reasons and I feel that my heart just isn't in it as much as it used to be. After a lot of thinking I felt it's time to pass the torch to someone, or someone's, who are more involved in the community. I want to see DitB continue to thrive and get better each and every year. With me at the helm I didn't feel that would necessarily happen.

    With all of this being said picking a single person or group to take over was not easy. I just didn't want to give my baby away to anyone. I was looking for people that enjoyed and wanted to devote their free time to DitB, people who are always looking to make the community better, and are constantly participating in the community. Over the last year or so a few people really stood out.

    The new DitB Leadership team is:

    George aka lorge1989
    Eddie aka A4 Deja vu
    Chris aka unibagel
    John aka porkins

    My role in DitB isn't going away completely though. While I am removing myself from all community type decisions I will be doing the behind the scenes tech stuff. Updating the forums, implementing new features that the guys above come up with, etc.

    Much love.
  2. Basil VW

    Basil VW DITB Sponsor

    Enjoy your new found time! Thanks for your years of service dude.

    - Adam
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  3. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Thanks Chris!

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  4. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    Thanks for all you hard work. I also think we will be in good hands.
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  5. RoachinRay

    RoachinRay Bags&Wheels BRUH

    Thanks Chris! Excited for a new chapter in DITB history
  6. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    I can't wait for Nickel City Euros to come back.
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  7. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    Nah. We're screwed. Hahaha
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