Dubs in the Buff Get Together 2016!

Discussion in 'DitB Yearly Show' started by lorge1989, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    2nd Annual Dubs in the Buff GTG. This year NYBP is hosting us in Pendleton.

    Last year was a good start, but this year we are taking it to another level. NYBP has reserved a large space outside for us. We will have food drinks available as well as a DJ. Also, like last year we will have raffles sponsored by our vendors, with all proceeds from the raffle donated to a local charity. On top of that there are rumors of Sasquatch on a slip and slide!

    Please remember to be respectful of the venue and all in attendance. NYBP was generous enough to supply us with the space and do all the set up for the event. Let's make this one special!

    Please see FB event below and RSVP!

    Sponsors for this event other than NYBP are Blackforest Motorsport and 716 Dips! Thank you for all your support!

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  2. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    Do we RSVP here? Lol I'm not on Facebook...

    Definitely attending this!

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  3. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    You don't have to RSVP at all, just helps us get a better head count! But yeah here is fine too, haha. Glad you can make it!
  4. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Bump! We met with the owners last night, everything is in place. We have a DJ on site, the grills going outside and food/beverage discounts for all in attendance!
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  5. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    I'll be there with the Cabby and the R. I've been wanting to hit up NYBP for some time now. What time is the Sasquach photo booth start?
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  6. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Sounds like a good time...

  7. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    Any Southtowners meeting up anywhere for a cruise up?
  8. 18t papa

    18t papa I'M OLD PAT!

    I'm driving up for this!
  9. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    We gotta figure out a cruise for us southtowners!

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  10. Cometose

    Cometose Well-Known Member

    How about East Aurora plaza?
  11. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    OMG, bi-yearly post alert!

    Cya there :)
  12. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    That could work!

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  13. Cometose

    Cometose Well-Known Member

    lol! Busted. Looking forward to this.
  14. Cometose

    Cometose Well-Known Member

    Looks like 45min trip, meet up at 10:45 and leave at 11am?
  15. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    Sure! Let's make it official with a thread of sorts?

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  16. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    EA Tops plaza works. The only caveat for me is if I have the Cabby, no 400 to the 90. The on ramp to the 90 is terrible right now bump wise.
  17. Cometose

    Cometose Well-Known Member

    Good to know about the bumps. If you have a smoother route in mind that'd be cool.
  18. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    20A to 219? All the on ramps for the 219 were just repaved and they're magical.

    I know it's kind of back tracking but with the 400 out of the question then it's either that or shoot straight down transit.

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