Dubs in the Buff GTG 2015 - Main Info Thread

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    There are 3-4 separate cruises to the event.

    Northtowns - Kohls lot on Delaware and Hertel, meet at 11-11:15
    Southtowns - Gallagher Pier at 11:15
    East - Blackforest Motorsport on Genesse St. at 11 AM
    Rochester - From Cars and Coffee at the Little Speed Shop around 10 AM.

    Also, raffle items include:

    GIAC Flash from Blackforest
    $100 off any service at Blackforest
    2 Hour dyno session (AWD or 2WD) from Breakout Motorsport
    T-shirts and other merchandise from Basil VW
    Fender rolling service by Zeons

    See you all tomorrow.


    The first annual Dubs in the Buff Get Together is finally official! There will be raffles, food, music and most importantly lots of cars! It has been a long time coming but DITB is finally putting on an event of their own, to continue for years to come!

    This year’s event takes place in downtown Buffalo, walking distance from Canalside and a handful of bars and restaurants. The day starts off with cruises from Ontario, Rochester as well as the north and southtowns of Buffalo, so make sure to join the one that is closest to you! It will wrap up with another meet up at one of the close by bars downtown. Details on that to follow!

    Date: June 6, 2015
    Time : 12 noon
    Location : Bingham St. and Church St., Buffalo, NY


    The location is half under the 190 and half out in the lot along Church St. Please note, you cannot get in coming down Church. Bingham is a one way there, note the red arrow.


    All types of cars are welcome, but it is a European car show. There will be a $3 entry fee for euros and $5 for other makes. With each paid entry you will receive two raffle tickets to use for any raffle you like. (mini Chinese auction style) None of the money earned from the entry fee or raffle ticket sales will be used for anything but a charitable donation, TBA. All raffle items are donated by our generous vendors. They also have incurred the cost of the rental and any other needs of the event.

    We will have a few different options as far as food. Lloyds Taco Truck along with another food truck will be stopping by our event, so be sure not to miss that!



    Black Forest Motorsport
    4585 Genesee St, Cheektowaga, NY 14225


    Basil VW
    6179 S Transit Rd, Lockport, NY 14094


    Breakout Motorsports
    2660 State Route 64, Bloomfield, NY 14469



    Where you see the Bingham St. marker for the destination is right about where the main entrance will be. You can turn left off of Church to get there, but coming the way its shown will help with traffic.

    So coming from the Southtowns, take the 190 to Church St and turn right onto Lower Terrace.

    Coming from the North, get off at Niagara St. Turn right onto S. Elmwood right before the circle. Continue onto Lower Terrace.
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  2. 18t papa

    18t papa I'M OLD PAT!

    *Plays Get Low by Lil Jon*
  3. lorge1989

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    ^DITB Underground, woot!

    Lets get a roll call going people!!!!

    1. A4 Deja Vu (+3)
    2. lorge1989
    3. Bracketracer
    4. t-rent
    5. 18t papa
    6. bloodtypevr6
    7. cj sardo
    8. ColAccord
    9. sasquatch
    10. Unit 91MS
    11. rabbit20v
    12. one.8tee
    14. Minglor
    15. Xander
    16. MK3Sleeper04
    17. RoachinRay
    18. Shrives
    19. Jeller
    20. Airhead
    21. VRsixNICK
    22.t3h JAM
    23. RocketSLC
    24. IanK
    25. TANGO DOWN
    26. VonThurn
    27. Unibagel
    28. JKaczor
    29. B5Swag585
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  4. bloodtypevr6

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    I'm bringing the URS4 and the MK2!
  5. lorge1989

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    Sweet, who has a classic DITB picture I can make the title picture on the FB event?
  6. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    Wow now I'm not going

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  7. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    Brien jared and rob will most likely be attending with me

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  8. cj sardo

    cj sardo Active Member

    I'll be there in the rabbit
  9. ColdAccord

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    I'm in. I'm down to donate a few Buffalo Motor Works tshirts for the raffle if it helps any
  10. sasquatch

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    I'll be there, possibly with pants on... Possibly not.

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  11. Unit91MS

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    I'm moving that weekend. As long as the car is on the road and I can find a little time away from packing I'll be there!
  12. one.8tee

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    80% chance I'll be there with the B7

    Edit: did anyone reach out to RocEuro to see if they'd like to be involved?
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  13. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    My attendance depends on this.
  14. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    I'll be there, should I bring the CC or is the P car more welcome?

  15. A4 Deja vu

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    Just so u guys know PANTS ARE OPTIONAL! YAY!

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  16. bloodtypevr6

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    P car for sure!
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  17. Minglor

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    P Car.
    I plan on bringing the nova. Oops.
  18. sasquatch

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    Porsches are so 2014

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