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Discussion in 'Site Information/Suggestions' started by t-rent, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    You will probably see that the forums are short a few categories now. We condensed some of the less used sections together.

    DitB Projects wasn't being used and was deleted
    The GTG's and Shows sections have been combined as it just made sense
    Photography, Beer Forum, Computer/Games forums have all been merged to Off Topic. You will find the popular threads from those sections stickied in Off Topic.
  2. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    Ah, bummer. I was just starting to post in my project thread again. What's good with a "new posts" button? I know we lost it in December, but maybe I'm just daft and can't figure out how to find it?
  3. dyllicious

    dyllicious Waffle House Bacon

    New posts is now directly below the blue button that says Forum. It is the first white writing in the second bar. Directly to the left of PMs/FAQ ETC
  4. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    i can dig it.

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