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  1. t-rent

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    New shirt design is now available! This time I did things a bit different. Having to collect money, meet up with people to give them their shirts, etc was a big hassle in the past. People would say they would show up to GTG X to get their stuff and then never show.

    I am trying, they collect all payments and deal with shipping. The only catch is we have to hit 20 shirts for them to get printed. I can always lower this goal if necessary, but I don't think 20 will be an issue.

    I have chosen high quality tshirts, v-necks for the ladies, and hoodies.

    Please go to to reserve your merch!

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  3. t-rent

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    Over on Facebook concern's were brought up about why I did not go locally this time for shirts and pricing. Since some of you aren't on Facebook here was my reply.

    I understand the go local and I have always done that in the past. While I love supporting local companies getting the money from people and getting them their shirts was always an absolute nightmare for me. I can't even count how many times I would have to go to GTG's that didn't fit my schedule to give people their shirts. They would tell me they would be at the GTG and would never show up so it wasted my time that I didn't really have to give in the first place. I now have a three week old son so that option is not there.

    Even when they were a bit cheaper. Shirt's were $2 cheaper (not including shipping) it was like pulling teeth to get people to pay, come out to get their shirts, and even order any in the first place. I spend a ton of time on this stuff and all money from the shirts goes right back to keeping this site running.

    I never ask for donations, or money for my time. I enjoy doing all of this but it gets to a point where it's absolutely frustrating to see the lack of support for the site that keeps DitB running by myself and mods. I use my own money to give out stickers for free. I don't mind doing it but I think people forget the things that are done by myself and others for this community.

    I don't think that asking for a few extra bucks once a year for a shirt is pulling teeth. It helps the site continue to exist and by people wearing our merch at shows it spreads the word. So many people loved the design and posted how they wanted one and just because the shirts may be $5-6 more then in the past, for my own sanity, everyone disappears. That is 2 coffee's a year or 1 beer. DitB does not release merch very often, usually one time a year, but if it continues like this I will be unfortunately be forced to stop completely as it's not worth the little time that I now have.

    This rant is not to force anyone into buying anything, although it may seem that way it is not my intention, these have just been my thoughts on all the merch that has been done for the site over the years.
  4. lite1979

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    Awesome! Definitely want to get one for the lady as well. She'll be accompanying me to H2O this year. I may not ever make it to GTGs, but I can afford a few T-shirts.
  5. lite1979

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    Only 1 more needed to print!
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  7. t-rent

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    Thanks for the orders and community support!!

    Everyone, you only have until Wednesday to get your order in. After that you will not be able to get this shirt.
  8. RoachinRay

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  9. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Cool dudes. Thanks for the orders.
  10. JKaczor

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    Ordered mine

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  12. t-rent

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    Did you order before Wednesday evening?
  13. t-rent

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    I received my tshirt and hoodies this past Saturday. The print itself is good but at least mine is not gold at all. It's more of a peach color. Also my hoodie does not match their sizing chart. It's 2 inches shorter then it should be.

    Can everyone please post what the color your print looks like? Teespring offers reprints and full refunds if not pleased so I would like to know what everyone thinks.

    I'm calling them Tuesday to get everything straightened out. I want everyone to be happy with their order and the money they spend so if you have any issue's with the product you need to let me know before Tuesday.
  14. BlackGTI

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    My hoodie lettering is definitely peach in color and fits like a Sasquatch belly shirt. It's probably going to end up as an expensive shop rag.
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  15. JKaczor

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    Just opened our's this afternoon. I mean yea it's not gold, but I'm still pretty pumped about them! Not too picky about the color I guess? They fit well, no issues here. Either way, we are still gonna rock the shit outta them lol.

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  16. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    The hoodies definitely do not match their sizing chart. I measured mine and it's not even close to what they list on their site. I will be getting everything straightened out today when I speak to them.
  17. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    I spoke with Teespring this morning for an hour about the issue's we are seeing with the shirts. First off I apologize for the mess. This is a very reputable company that prints 10's of thousands of shirts that is why I chose them.

    Color - The color issue with the print not being gold is my fault. It was gold on my home computer but the file I sent them when viewed on my work computer matches exactly what they printed. They proved this to me while on the phone with them. I apologize for this as it was my screw up. Due to it being my screw up they cannot reprint with a different color. The print itself is really good, just not the color we were expecting. If you have a big issue with it not being gold, and there are no other issue's with the shirt, please contact my via PM.

    Sizing - Please try on your product, if it doesn't fit correctly you need to personally fill out their customer service form and tell them what the sizing issue is and that you want it reprinted on either the next size up or down. They will do this for free. They are reprinting my hoodie up one size for no cost.

    Centering of print - To check the centering of the print please fold the shirt in half matching up the seams on a hard table. If it is not center please fill out their customer service form. They will take care of you. Also put the shirt on and check the centering. Include pics of the shirt showing off center print with the form.

    If you need your shirt reprinted they do not require you to send back the one you currently have. Also they said all reprints will be "direct to garment printed" so will be high quality.

    I apologize for these issue's if you are experiencing them and feel awful. I always pride myself on offering the highest quality product and heard nothing but good things regarding Teespring. Due to these issue's I will not be using Teespring in the future as you guys shouldn't have to go through this to get a properly printed shirt.

    Teespring customer service contact form:
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