having my snow tires put on

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by turbosilly, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Is there anywhere that I can go that will just put my snows on the front? I hate that all these places say they can only put them on the rear if you only do two. I get why they say they have to, but it's dumb and has never been an issue for me to just have them on the fronts in the past.
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    Just bring them in off the car if you can?

    Or you may want to hit up these guys (Member on NYspeed) here is his info I cut and pasted from his last thread:

    The white stuff is coming, make your appointments today

    Rim size less than or equal to
    15" ==> $12.50/wheel

    Rim size 16"-17"==> $15/wheel

    Rim size 18"+ ==> $20/wheel!

    Sticky weights both silver or black no extra charge.
    Valve stems available $1 each.
    I can take disposals for an extra 2.50 each now.

    Text myself or Ryan (Rrx7walker) to set up an appointment.
    Ryan: 716-553-8589

    For those of you who like late night, I'm there after 11pm till like 5-6am very often, don't be afraid to text me that late.

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  3. turbosilly

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    Thanks for the info! I use the same wheels, just swap out the tires so that's where the problem comes in. I'll hit those guys up though. Thanks!
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    Tis true, the best tires must always be mounted in the rear. New NYS rule. A shop must also display a poster explaining why. We always mount the "best" tires on the front. LOL
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