HELP! All 4 misfiring, mouse nest found!

Discussion in 'Audi and BMW Related' started by jamalgq, Mar 10, 2019.

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    HI folks,

    Long time lurker here decided to join after a nightmare to us yesterday. 2010 b8, apr stage2.

    Car drove like a dream all day yesterday. I left to go to the grocery store about an hour or so after my wife came home and the car just started to putter after I started and then the CEL started to flash. I grabbed my VCDS (which I am a semi noob still, I bought to force ready the sensors for an inspection in NY) and haven't played with it much. It read a misfire on all 4 cylinders.

    I popped the hod and removed the plastic from the top of the motor, and darn it I find a start of a nest with leaves, twigs and mouse poop!. So one of them must have decided to eat a wire in the hour it was parked and now its a headache. Would anyone be able to speculate which wire they chewed for the car to run fine and then an hour (during this hr is when the damage occurred) later all 4 misfire.

    I have to re-scan with the vcds but can provide any info needed to help me diagnose this.

    Thanks for all your time
  2. vw to bimmer

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    Usually flashing cel is a misfire code. Check each coil pack wiring.

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