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    2005 GLI 1.8t in Platinum gray. 158,xxxk, Its in pretty good over all condition, has most of the stock parts. it is covered in plastidip, the wheels are powder coated red which has actually grown on me a lot. i stripped the cleaned the caps/trays, they were 3 lays of shit spray paint deep, put them on for a few days, looks kinda clowny so they are off. instead i got the black plastic wheel bolt caps, i think it looks good. only downside is the PO for whatever reason put some siqqq JDM bumper tie downs on. i guess refitting the bumper was too much work.

    mods/upgrades that came with it:
    APR R1 diverter valve, 034 pcv check hose thing, Bilstein's all around, metal impeller pump/timing belt is pretty fresh, super dark fresh tint all around.

    my mods:
    Enfig iPhone/aux wired into the monsoon, eBay Turbo inlet pipe, pop out cup holders, new wheel locks and wheel bolt caps

    current status: on jacks stands, iv learned these 02m have some issues, usually with aftermarket clutches in the trans. all the same symptoms I'm having. the motor is beautiful, strong and whisper quiet. turbo whistles with a cherub-like demeanor, she's a good little car. looking forward to the journey.
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    MK4 GLI/20ths are the best. I wish the pics worked. :/
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    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    bump- now with pics!

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