Mk1 Bravada Engine Swap Question

Discussion in 'All Non-Euro Cars' started by Slark, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. Slark

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    Hola from Ft Riley KS! I wanted to ask y'all because when you want to be helpful, you have an extensive knowledge base. After months of jockeying my wife's 13 Elantra GT, I'll be picking up my 93 Olds Bravada from her parents. The original motor was blown and is being replaced with a Vortec 4.3 V6 CPI from a 93 Blazer. My question is if the engine, which is exactly the same, will be running the 200hp/260ftlbs stock for the Bravada, or the 165hp of the blazer. It's all about engine management right?
    Thanks everybody!
    Also, this has been my daily during duty hours![​IMG]
  2. Eric.t

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  3. eurotrsh

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  4. Slark

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    Right now it's just a daily beater. Paid 700 for it, my wife's step dad is doing the swap and putting new tires on it. Engine has like 90k and body is freaking mint. No rust anywhere. So maybe someday, but right now I'm just a poor private.
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    im gonna guess the motors have different heads or something that makes them have that different power rating. its like an LS motor from a truck or LS motor from a corvette, essentially the same size being 6.0L motors, with differences (iron v alum block) such as heads and other things.
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    Believe it or not tcl actually solved this one. The injection went from tbi to cpi, and the heads changed. The 165 is actually for the tbi, not the vortec.
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    Typhoon or cyclone swap
  8. Slark

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    Trust me if I had the money.. One of the perks of Ft. Riley is the full shop available. Lifts, tools, paint, machining. Maybe after deployment I'll have extra cash to make it happen.
  9. Slark

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    There's the old engine with the rod and piston size hole:O jeez.. Newer engine is in, final touches being done. New valve stem seal and valve springs, new gaskets all around.
  10. lite1979

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    That's a nice view through that window. Glad to hear you're moving right along!
  11. Slark

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    Delivery will be a little late. She fired right up after the swap, but the 2 year old gas sitting in it needs to be drained. Hopefully within a week.
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    Lol, fucking america!

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