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Discussion in 'Audi and BMW Related' started by lorge1989, May 6, 2016.

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    Wow, they are much heavier than I thought. I was thinking 3...
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    My '88 from the factory was unde 3000. With the stripped out chassis, I'm probably aroudn 2600. This ones, from '94 is 3400 ish from the factory. The V8 doesn't add any weight really, I replaced a cast iron v6 block with an aluminum V8. I'm sure I could shed some weight if I got rid of the procon ten, ac and other stuff. For now though I'm going to try and keep the AC and get some light wheels.

    Or we just drink beer and grill.
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    I like drinking beer and grilling. I'll bring the Doritos
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    Tore up a belt:


    Had to buy the cam locks tools, ugh. First thing noticed was that the engine was way out of time. Glad I bought the tools.


    Had a hell of a time getting that crank bolt out. My impact wouldn't do it. Made a fork looking thing that grabbed the internals of the balancer. First 'tool' I made:


    Ended up welding a 2x3x.25" piece of rectangular tubing in its place to hit the ground and hold the balancer, while using about a 7 foot breaker bar. Finally it broke loose. Not before taking one of my breaker bars with it though. What a pain.


    A timing belt cover fastener had fallen behind the balancer which is what caused my failure in the first place. :shame:

    Next day, Eddie found that the balancer on these things gets messed up over time and doesn't truely reflect TDC. So manually checking TDC, confirmed that the motor was probably originally in time and we made it out of time.

    Fixed that and few more things....

    Coils 7 and 8 were switched in this vid, so it still wasn't running great.
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    Made it to Carlisle and back!


    Considering I didnt drive it on the highway since last September before we left, the fact Eddie and I had no real issues was amazing. Lots of cool stuff at the show.
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    Car looks great.
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    Nice! wondering when I'll get to see this thing in person

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    v8 all the audis!
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    It will be out and about at local stuff dont worry x. :)

    My to do list is not short, but its still driveable now.

    -Fix exhaust leak, tweak exhaust
    -mod and install airbox
    -Troubleshoot TPS
    -new ecu with chip mod to hopefully solve some WOT issues.
    -get all gauges working
    -move rad fans to push instead of pull
    -install ac components
    -install ps pump and lines, need to make mount
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    I can't get these pics to show up, only in my editor it shows. What gives?
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    Air filters are for chumps

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    Thanks Eddie, happy bday fggt.

    o I have been dailying this, as the old truck I just bought developed a rod knock. I spent extra on a 'nice' truck so I wouldn't have any problems. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Since I'm dailying it, I haven't really had a chance to fix anything. The only issues I have are :

    -Fans sometimes rub, turn on late
    -No real intake
    -Partial and full throttle is weird, low on power and sometimes will go into a limp mode if not careful
    -Suspension is too low and very bouncy
    -Leaking a good bit of oil
    -Exhaust leak
    -No power steering
    -No reverse lights, speedo or tach


    Cooling stuff has a lot to do with the thermo switch and the location of the fans. My thermo switch doesn't turn the fans on until 210 or so, sometimes 215 as logged by VCDS. Looking into this more, it seems like these switches are notorious for letting the engine get a bit too hot. Looking around, I see some switches are designed to come to function between 113-118c, which seems crazy hot to me.

    German Auto parts had a lower temperature switch offered, so I ordered one of those. I think with the fans on the front and the switch at a lower temp I will have no issues, not that i have any huge ones now.

    I made up an intake quick with a factory a8 hardpipe, factory boots and factory velocity stack. Then I added a screen filter, yeah I know not the best, but most importantly I made up a heat shield that bolts to the block and hangs over the exhaust manifold, should keep my intake temps down and prolong the life of the wiring over there too. I should probably make another one to protect the battery on the other side.

    Mr. A4 deja jew picked up a 1999 ABZ ecu from the junkyard. I put it in this morning and the partial throttle issues are gone and it drives awesome. Currently getting the ECU socketed and the manual trans/s6 chip soldered in!

    Currently I am pressing in some new bushings and cleaning up a set of front control arms, have new springs and struts to go in. Also have some different wheels with brand new tires to go on! That should solve my ride issues.

    I'm hoping I will have some time this weekend to get the suspension all sorted, my speedo and reverse lights working as well as get my fan setup fixed. I have to figure out the oil and exhaust leaks as well. I should finally be able to get the car inspected which would be nice since its about 2 months over due.
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    Hahahaha "Mr. A4 deja jew"

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    Chip got soldered in, installed, started then died. I forgot the chip I got from Reflect tuning states its a euro chip, therefore an Immo defeat is needed.

    [​IMG]IMG_20170703_080851524 by George, on Flickr

    Had one from ebay, and it works well. I just wired it in with the OBD connector. I'm 99% sure I still have communication with the ECU with the immo installed, I have only tried a bluetooth adater and it was iffy, but thats probably the adapter.

    [​IMG]IMG_20170707_182330077 by George, on Flickr

    I installed the new lower temp thermo switch:

    [​IMG]IMG_20170714_192522762 by George, on Flickr

    AC condenser and radiator mated with fans:

    [​IMG]IMG_20170714_192515808 by George, on Flickr

    I am modifying the upper mount just a bit so they tilt slightly back for more fan clearance, also on the oil cooler loop side I'm going to be adding an aux radiator just to be sure I have enough cooling capacity.

    B5 A4 power steering pump bolts up, and the pulley is aligned perfectly.

    [​IMG]IMG_20170714_192426929 by George, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_20170714_192449778 by George, on Flickr

    The AC compressor from the V6 also bolts up to the V8 stock mount with two holes. I drilled out the compressor so I can use the locating pins on both of those mounting holes. A bracket will be needed to catch another hole on the compressor but that shouldn't be an issue.

    Using the factory V6 compressor would be awesome, no wiring change, its in nearly the same location so I believe the lines will work etc. Problem is the pulley sits back slightly. I am investigating how and if I can push the pulley out with a spacer. ButI have never taken one of these apart before....

    [​IMG]IMG_20170714_192433767 by George, on Flickr
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    Finally signed up to the site :)
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    Welcome welcome. We have a meet next Sunday!

    A little update.

    Pulling apart the compressor wasn't too bad. People say they have used a few screwdrivers to pry the clutch off, but I didn't like that idea. I drilled 3 holes in a big washer and bolted to the clutch face. Then I reinstalled the center bolt, loosely, and used a 3 jaw puller to break the clutch free. Once that was loose, I made sure I didn't lose any spacers and just removed the other two snap rings.

    After doing this, it was evident I wasn't going to be able to space out the assembly. The snap ring grooves prevent that. I guess now its time to source an A8 AC compressor and get some custom lines made. :mad: For now, Im going to installe the condensor and leave everything else out. I want to get this up and running, I think I can deal with no AC for the rest of my Buffalo, NY summer. (it was 74F yesterday :) )

    I removed the exhaust and welded in two flex joints on the downpipes. The are not used from the factory, but with my vbands, I think its necessary. After inspecting the face of the vbands I do believe i had a small leak on the passenger side. Drivers was sealed up perfectly though. Just have to make a skid plate or something so the flex pipes don't get destroyed.

    Working on bending the PS line on the rack towards the drivers side so i can use all the factory lines. My B4 lines bolt up to the B5 pump.

    Also have to add an aux radiator and possible re-do my oil lines with some higher quality fittings/lines, I'm sick of leaks.
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    m&m every so often get in a8's, the place over the road has a couple sitting outside but no idea what they are being used for.

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