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Discussion in 'Basil Volkswagen' started by Bracketracer, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    Wife has been debating on a non-boring RX350 replacement, and Basil knocks it out of the park, again.

    She's got herself a '16 Touareg TDI Lux, Black Oak Brown over Terracotta coming over from the fatherland in a few weeks.

    Seriously, never expected the deal that these guys put together. If you're even half-considering a newer vehicle, go to these guys, and see what they can do on a brand new one. You might be shocked.
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  2. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    This is exactly what happened to me!

    Nice pickup too!

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  3. Basil VW

    Basil VW DITB Sponsor

    Thanks Mr. Gray and Mr. Dale!
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  4. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    Nice! Im excited to see it.
  5. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    This is the color. Interior will be darker

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  6. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Lower it. ;-)

    Seriously, nice ride!
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  7. 8valvematt

    8valvematt aka 3.2L 24 valve matt

  8. RoachinRay

    RoachinRay Bags&Wheels BRUH

    The exterior color is amazing, the interior color just sets it off! It's going to be a beautiful ride! Thanks for the opportunity Jason.
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  9. KurtCav

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  10. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    Love that color combo. Congrats on the new ride !

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