The Black “loaner” car.

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    I love my job, just had to clarify that up front. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do the occasional side project for the owner of my company. A few years ago he got the itch to build a kitcar so he installed a lift in his workshop and commenced in assembling a 1967 AC Cobra replicar. He offered to let me drive for a couple of weeks this year so with my father coming for a visit, I hatched a plan to surprise him by picking him up at the airport in the Cobra. I said nothing to him of my plan and anxiously watched the weather. With a stroke of luck the weather that day was picture perfect. He txted me when he walked out of the terminal, I pulled up a few minutes later and txted him that I was there in the black “loaner” car. I saw him looking around so I raised my hands above the windscreen and waved to him. His jaw dropped as he recognized me and he walked over drinking in the sultry lines of the car with a big grin on his face all the while. He was surprised and said this was something that he would never forget!

    IMG_0563 by unibagel, on Flickr

    We drove to a friend’s house noticing all of the attention a car, such as this, commands. It’s hard not to notice such a beast; the loud stereophonic sound of the exhaust, the sexy smooth flowing curves of the bodywork. Driving the car is a bit surreal as well, especially with just a windshield and nothing else encapsulating you. The body shakes and squeaks, the coil-over suspension is firm, the power coming from the 351 Ford V8 with a 5 speed transmission is intense. Rowing through the gears with your foot down delights you with a symphony from the American V8. It is all machine with none of the trappings of a modern automobile: no power steering, no power brakes, no A/C. It’s primitive. It is raw. It is wonderful!

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    IMG_0561 by unibagel, on Flickr

    Just a little break from reality and I thought I'd share... :)
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  2. Airhead

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    That thing has to be a blast to drive.
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    That's awesome! I would love to rip one!
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    Nice thing about this one is that it looks mostly proper also. Yep, jealous.
  5. KurtCav

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    Wow. Great looking car and nice write up. Looks like it was a blast.
  6. unibagel

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    I was cruising around the airport waiting for his flight ton come in last week, I should have popped in to see ou Jason. Rats! Why didn't I think of that???
  7. Haenszel

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    You're so eloquent with your words.

    And, that car is awesome.
  8. Xander

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  9. unibagel

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    Thanks cutie!
  10. Jeller

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    That is fucking cool. Nice story about picking up your dad, that was very cool of you.
  11. lorge1989

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    Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Super Sedan

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    Awesome. Very jealous!
  13. cruciform

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    Very cool, for sure!

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