The Chevy Sonic Project

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    So as a few of you may know, my girlfriend drives a 2014 Chevy Sonic LT hatch in Grey. Her dad is one of the head honchos over at the GM Tonawanda plant, so she was destine to get a GM car.

    At first we picked up a roof rack and fairing for it and she enjoyed it as is.

    This past summer we ended up picking up a set of BC Type R coilovers for it after extensive searching and we slammed it. The set we got was used from one of the top players in the Chevy sonic game and they were custom built by BC. To make a long story short, they are the lowest of the low coilovers for that car. Just the drop alone made a huge difference. We didn't bother getting wheels or anything for it because while most of this was going on, I was balls-deep in my Jetta project. After a while and once we had more than 2 people in the car, we realized how not-so-great slammed suspension is. The car literally would drag and scrape with 2 people in the back seat... Cool, yeah but not convenient. I ended up raising it a bit and it helped slightly, but not entirely. I guess that's the price you have to pay when you have low spring rates for "ultra-lowzzz".

    So that leads me to now... Today, we went to raise the car almost completely for the winter and man did it suck... I had to spin 30 threads on each side 1/4 turn at a time, and that didn't even raise the car to a good winter-mode height.

    So after I cleaned up, I jumped on my computer and did some research. I looked into bag over coil set ups and after pricing it out, I think it's something I'm gonna invest in... Although they don't have the full adjustability like regular air struts, they are convenient in most situations like having friends or heavy loads in the car. I'll probably set her up with either manual management or analog since she doesn't care much for airring out every time. Then later down the road if I upgrade to v3, I'll just give her my v2.

    I'm pretty sure there's only been 1 other bagged sonic and it's not road worthy, so I'm kinda excited to see how this goes.

    I'm looking at Air House 2 Aero Sports for the fronts and then I was thinking of retro fitting a set of Airlift twist beams to the back that I've got laying around.

    Here's the car. Feel free to wave if you see it around.


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    dope. I had been considering a mazda 3/ aveo/ yaris/ spark/ sonic/ etc. for a while now.
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    Saw this thing the other day on the 90, sup.
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    The Sonic isn't a bad looking little hatch, though I think it would look better as a two door.
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