Torque Wrench Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Everything Technical' started by KurtCav, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. KurtCav

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  2. lite1979

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    Both that style and the beam style ones work well, imho. I just like the beam because it's a little simpler.

    For that range, though, you may as well get two. I got the one I have when I replaced the head gasket on the TT, and I've been using it ever since.
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    For motor work I have a digital snapon 3/8 torque wrench that goes to 100ft/lbs. It will also convert from Nm to Ft/lbs to in/lbs. Not only that but there is also a option for degrees it will record degrees turned, record degrees already turned, allow you to ratchet and continue torquing. Also it is a flex head. Quality at its finest you really can't go wrong with it.
  4. KurtCav

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    That sounds like the Cadillac of torque wrenches.

    I went with the one I posted above. It was $40. I used it for wheels lugs, brake caliper carriers bolts, and it goes down to 10 ft-lbs so I was able to use it for spark plugs too. It's 1/2" drive so it's pretty beefy. The reviews of it were pretty good and it looks like those that had issues with it had good customer service experience with the company.
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    Looks like a decent unit. Digital stuff definitely is over kill for the weekend warrior. I have a simple clutched craftsman 3/8 drive and a beam type 1/2 craftsman i bought way back for the big stuff haha.
  6. KurtCav

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    I have to admit I was pretty nervous using it on the spark plugs because of the size but it worked as intended. For $40 you can't go wrong.

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