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    When DitB updated to the new forum software, posting pictures became a bit more difficult. This DIY should help out.

    1. You need a place to host pictures online. You can NOT upload pictures to DitB directly from your computer. I personally use flickr.com to host my pictures but there are others like photobucket.com

    2. Go to your hosting site, find the picture you would like to post, and get the image URL. This may involve right-clicking and selecting "Copy image URL". The wording will vary depending on operating system and which internet browser you are using. Some hosting sites may have a URL link available you just need to highlight, right click, and copy (I think Photobucket does this).

    3. When posting on DitB, click the "Insert Image" icon. It looks like a small photo of a tree. It is next to the movie strip icon.

    4. Click the "From URL" tab.

    5. Right click and paste your copied URL into the URL box.

    6. Uncheck the "Retreive remote file and reference locally" option. This is key.

    7. Click OK. You're good to go!

    *Note - Instead of using the interface, you could also just paste the image URL into the reply window and put image tags around it. [​IMG]

    **Note - If you find an image on the internet you'd like to share, you COULD just right click and copy the URL without hosting it yourself. This is generally bad practice and called hot-linking. The owner of the image could change the photo to something disgusting if they wanted to and you would get blamed.

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